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VCC Kids is a discipleship path that honors marriage, promotes family, and partners with parents to lead the next generation to a life of knowing God and making Him known.



Deuteronomy 6:7-8 teaches us how God has ordained that parents are primary in the discipling of their children’s faith.  In the context of the family, an everyday faith is grown.  As a response to this principle, our Family Ministry Team has committed to partnering with families to disciple this generation. Our entire Family Ministry team of staff and volunteers eagerly encourages every parent, grandparent and family member.

Classes and Parental Resources coming soon!


Here at VCC, one of the ways we support parents to be the primary nurturer for thier childrens faith is by giving them resources to use at home. These resources will spice up conversation, and cultivate an atomosphere of Christ-like living in your home.


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We believe children are never too young to start learning about Jesus. VCC Kids have a blast in our nursery where we pray they experience God’s presence and learn how much He loves them through intentional teaching from our volunteers!

PRE-K & Elementary

Through fun worship, interactive lessons and small group discussions, VCC Kids in Pre-K-5th Grade get to experience community with each other and learn about who God is! We are passionate about helping children belong and believe!

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