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Together, Pastor Charity Moore and Codi Schuster run VCC Women’s Ministry. Their heart is to live authentically while creating a community where women’s do life together. VCC Women’s Ministry exists to lift each other up and encourage one another to step into a love relationship with Jesus, fully accepting our roll as daughters of the risen King! 


VCC Women’s Ministry Leaders


Codi Schuster, is a wife, mom to 3 kiddos, and is blessed to be a stay at home mommy. She was born and raised in Susanville along with her husband Mike (fun fact, they are actually high school sweet hearts.) She has two boys and a beautiful daughter whom they adopted; they are her pride and joy. She graduated CVSOM School of Ministry in July of 2019 and is currently pursuing her Pastoral License. Codi has been serving in children’s, youth, and women's ministries for the past 10 years. She believes in getting to know each other through living life together and encouraging women to “find their tribe.” Her mission for VCC Women’s Ministry is for us to do just that: become a tribe of women who support and encourage one another through living life together on a personal level. 



Pastor Charity is a wife, mother of two boys, and a small business owner.  She graduated from Central Valley School of Ministry in 2019, and received her Pastoral License in 2020. She has served in a wide variety of ministry rolls throughout the last 18 years including: youth, children, worship, directing inner city outreach, women’s ministry and administration. She and her husband (Pastor Ben) moved to Susanville in 2015 to Pastor Valley Christian Center. She believes ministry happens throughout the week, in the “in’s and out’s” of real life and not just on Sunday mornings. Her passion is to point people to Jesus through real, transparent relationships.

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